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Public Attributes

_taskbar Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int accept_skip_pager
int alloc_no
GtkWidget * bar
guint cur_desk
char ** desk_names
int desk_namesno
int desk_num
int discard_release_event
guint dnd_activate
GtkStateType focused_state
GdkPixbuf * gen_pixbuf
GtkWidget * hbox
int hbox_width
int icons_only
int iconsize
GtkWidget * menu
GtkStateType normal_state
int num_tasks
plugin_instance plugin
int req_width
int show_all_desks
int show_iconified
int show_mapped
GtkWidget * space
int spacing
GHashTable * task_list
int task_width
int task_width_max
int tooltips
Window topxwin
int use_mouse_wheel
int use_urgency_hint
int vis_task_num
int win_num
Window * wins

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file taskbar.c.

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